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A little bit about us...

The "Scrappin' with Passion" for Heart & Stroke Fundraiser was created in 2009 as a way to give something back to an organization which has personally made a difference in our family.  My husband was born with congenital aortic stenosis, and at Christmastime 2006, he unexpectedly had to undergo open heart surgery to correct this problem.  His aortic valve was replaced with a mechanical valve, but unfortunately, less than 2 years later he developed an infection and once again had to undergo heart surgery.  Today he says he feels better than he has his entire life and we are very grateful to the people and the research that helped save his life...twice.

This will be our 8th annual fundraiser.  Last year was another huge success and we are delighted to offer the event once again -
    March 3, 2018.  To date we have raised $65,000!!

I started this event to honour the people that saved my husband's life, but have since learned the following:

Heart disease and stroke is the #1 killer of women

This disease will take 1 in 3 people before their time

For every woman that dies of breast cancer, 8 more will die of heart disease and stroke

The money from our scrapbooking event will help fund new initiatives including:
  • Treating and preventing cardiac arrest in children
  • Helping to prevent and manage high blood pressure
  • Setting the standard in stroke care through research, treatment, and recovery
  • Developing a full array of clot-preventing and clot-busting drugs
  • Studying the causes and treatments of childhood strokes

For more information on the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Ontario please visit: 

Everything that is done in the world is done by hope.
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